Translation issue – How getting language and culture wrong can cause you big headaches

When dealing with legal matters, and especially when defending yourself against claims in court, good communication and therefore good translation are as important as a good legal case.
Add to that working across cultures and languages, the need for good communication and good translation becomes even more important.
Getting it wrong can have serious consequences.

As more business is conducted internationally the risk associated with multiple languages, cultures, translations and jurisdictions becomes one that requires consideration and mitigation via the corporate risk management process. That process must incorporate adequate procedures to prevent fraud and corruption, and should take account of fraud that is hidden when documents are translated or messages communicated through an interpreter.

Companies need to consider the risks associated with translating and interpreting words or behaviours before something goes wrong.

A linguist can protect against fraud because “They have the experience and expertise to recognise flaws in the language and the phraseology used and can advise their client to avoid any that look suspicious.”

(Article written by David Clarke. Read the full text here)

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